Top 10 Cheapest Places to Rent in London

If you live in London already, then you’re well aware that London can be quite an expensive place to live. Ranking at number six, London is one of the most expensive places to live in the world largely due to its high rental accommodation. Whether you’re looking for a place to rent that’s a bit more affordable or moving to London for your first time, we’ve ranked the top ten cheapest places to rent in London. We have also included the distance from Central London so that you can find a place that best suits your needs and save a little extra money along the way.

The 10 Cheapest Areas to Rent in London

1. Newham

Coming in at number one is Newham. Newham is one of the cheapest areas to rent in London located in far East London and at the center of London’s historic docklands, renters who live here will have easy access to London’s Olympic Park and amazing shopping at Westfield Mall. Newham is one of the most diverse places to be found in the UK, with over 200 different dialects spoken. It’s great for those that are on a tight budget you’ll definitely be able to save on rent with 2-bedroom flats listed for just €700.

Cheapest rent price for two-bedroom: €700/month

Distance from Central London: 8.5 miles

sky view of the borough of Newham, London

2. Harrow

The next place on our list is Harrow, a North-West London borough that is perfect for families, with lots of green spaces allowing for a taste of the countryside and city living. A cheap two-bedroom home here can come in at as little as €750 per month. With about forty trains per day traveling between Harrow and Central London, it has become very easy for commuters to live in Harrow but still keep their jobs in the city center. Harrow also ranks as one of the safest places to live in London!

Cheapest rent price for two-bedroom: €750/month

Distance from Central London: 14 miles 

Street in Harrow with red buildings

 3. Croydon

Located in South London, the third borough on our list is Croydon. With great access to parks and good connections to London (the city center is only 15 minutes away by train!), it’s becoming quite an up-and-coming place to live. Rent prices in Croydon are quite inexpensive; you can find a two-bedroom flat for only €775 per month, which for London is outrageously cheap.

Cheapest rent price for two-bedroom: €775/month

Distance from Central London: 11 miles 

Croydon high street, London

4. Bexley

At number four we are listing London’s outer borough of Bexley. This South-East London borough is becoming an increasingly popular place to live. Its rent prices are below average compared to Central London and people who are looking for a balance between city and countryside living love that it has access to green spaces and that it is only a 40-minute commute into the city center. 

Cheapest rent price for two-bedroom: €850/month

Distance from Central London: 16 miles 

Image of lake at Bexley Heath

5. Enfield

Far out in North London lies Enfield, a lovely London Borough out of the way from the stress of the city but still easily accessible if you’re a commuter that needs to go into Central for work. The borough is well connected; you can easily hop on the overground from Enfield Town to Hackney Central, which will only take you 20 minutes. Compared to Central London prices, living in Enfield is an affordable area with a two-bedroom flat costing you only €900 per month.

Cheapest rent price for two-bedroom: €900/month

Distance from Central London: 12.5 miles 

Canal boats on the water in Enfield, London

6. Barking and Dagenham

Another inexpensive place to live in London is Barking and Dagenham, which is located in East London. It’s very easy to get to Central London, with great road and public transport connections. Check out our zero hassle lettings by heading to Oasis Living to find your perfect home in Barking and Dagenham today.

Cheapest rent price for two-bedroom: €950/month

Distance from Central London: 13.5 miles 

A row of semi detached houses in Dagenham, London

7. Waltham Forest

Ten miles outside of the city center in North East London lies Waltham Forest. This borough is one of London’s greenest and it’s made up of Chingford in the north, Leytonstone in the south and Walthamstow in the north. Many have noted that Waltham Forest will soon be the new hip Hackney, as it is a very up-and-coming area. Rent here is cheap given that there are quite a few perks to living in Waltham Forest; you can find a two-bedroom flat for only €995 per month.

Cheapest rent price for two-bedroom: €995/month

Distance from Central London: 10 miles 

Waltham Forest high street, London

8. Havering

Havering is the farthest London borough on our list, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a wonderful place to live. You will be able to find a two-bedroom place to live in Havering for €995 per month if you search hard enough. And if you do move to the East London borough of Havering, you’ll find a wide range of green open spaces, a lovely high street filled with independent shops and well-known retailers, as well as good schools for families. 

Cheapest rent price for two-bedroom: €995/month

Distance from Central London: 17.5 miles 

High Street, Havering, London

9. Sutton

If you’re looking for a charming place to rent in London to move with your family, we highly recommend you check out Sutton. Located in South-West London, Sutton is a peaceful neighbourhood that is both safe and beautiful. It has great restaurants, shops and commuters can catch a thirty-minute train to London Victoria to be in the city center quickly. With rent at only €995 per month for a two-bedroom flat, you’ll be sure to find something in your budget that is affordable and that is also a wonderful area to live.

Cheapest rent price for two-bedroom: €995/month

Distance from Central London: 13 miles

a street with some old house on in Sutton, London

10.  Redbridge

The last place on our list is Redbridge. With rent prices for a two-bedroom flat listing at €1000 per month, it is the most expensive borough to rent in London. However, if you keep in mind the astounding rent prices found in other areas of London, this is still quite a bargain. The borough is expected to become increasingly popular in the coming years because its transportation links will be expanding so we definitely recommend checking out this North East London area.

Cheapest rent price for two-bedroom: €1000/month

Distance from Central London: 10 miles

large old suburban houses in Redbridge, London

London is an expensive city and compared to the rest of the UK, it will always seem pricier compared to other places. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to find cheap places to live in London that will meet all of your and your family’s needs. You can find your next great and inexpensive or the cheapest place to live in London when you check out Oasis Living. We offer reimagined property management for today’s renter. 

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