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Pay nothing in fees.

Forget the high street agencies and make your next move online with Oasis Living.
Move in FAST while paying 0% in fees


Why choose Oasis Living?

Oasis Living is an online letting agent that uses smart tech solutions to make the renting process smoother and more manageable for both renters and landlords. Make your next move less stressful by using Oasis Living!

0% Fees

We won’t charge you anything to move into your new home. You can move in with confidence that you won’t be charged any letting fees. So you can use your money for something more beneficial. Maybe a nice new lamp for the living room?

Smart Dashboard

See all of the bills, rent payments and maintenance requests in one easy place. Got something that needs to be fixed? You can report it through our smart dashboard and we’ll get someone out to fix it ASAP!

No Deposit Required

We know that moving into a home can be costly. Moving companies, new furniture and appliances don’t grow on trees! That’s why we are committed to our no deposit policy.

Bills made easy

Tired of having to work out all your bills and rent? We understand that it can be a nightmare to have to manage all the bills that come with your new home. We will help you aggregate them into one easy sum each month. No more confusion, no more admin, just one simple monthly payment. Sorted.

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0% Deposit

0% Stress

Deposits are outdated. We will let you move in without having to pay any up-front costs. We want to make your move as simple and stress-free as possible. Move in with confidence and put that money towards something nice for your property!


1 Bill 

to rule them all

It can be super annoying to try and sort out all of your bills for a new property. They don’t always go out on the same day and it can be hard to keep track of what’s been paid and what hasn’t. This is especially frustrating if you’re sharing bills with other members of the household. We are here to put an end to your frustration. We’ll aggregate all of your bills into one simple monthly payment that’s tied in with your rent. No more wondering, no more stress, just one simple payment each month and you’re done!

Get Expert Knowledge

Our Blog features articles from property experts, private landlords, HMO business owners and more. We even have some articles from our tech team to show you just how well eqipped we are to deliver a great tech solution for our customers Start Reading


Are there any hidden costs?
Nope. What you see is what you get with Oasis Living. As an online letting agent we can keep operational costs to a minimum, meaning we don't need to charge you fees to move in. You know how Uber made getting a taxi more cost-effective? Well, that's just what we are doing in the property letting market!
Help! My property has sprung a leak! How do I get it fixed?
Our smart dashboard will allow you to log a maintenance issue with us and our tech will notify the nearest available tradesperson in our network to come and fix it. No more endless back and forth with an agent, leaving voicemails that never get answered! It's 2021, who even uses voicemail these days anyway!
How do I manage rent payments?
You can pay for everything through the dashboard. Once you are ready to make a payment you can add the amount and pay it easily. What's more, we will be partnering with Experian to ensure that those rent payments count towards your credit score. So you're getting more bang for your buck if you pay on time, every time!
How quickly can I move in?
Because we don't charge fees and we use automated systems, moving in couldn't be easier. Once you've added all of your details to your account we can move a tenant within 7 days. What's even better is, once you're on the system and provided your details are up to date, moving to another Oasis Living property is even faster.
I've had bad experiences with letting agents in the past. How are you different?
We are an online letting agent, a new and improved version of the traditional high street agent. We understand that communication is key when a tenant is searching for their new home. Our customer care and operations teams are available 24/7 for you. We won't leave you hanging around and will always be upfront and transparent.

Once you're moved in, that duty of care carries on into your tenancy. You can log issues, contact your agent and manage payments from the dashboard. We'll ensure things go as smoothly as possible for you at all times so you can focus on the things that matter to you in life.
I want to move to another Oasis Living property, how easy is it?
In a word: SUPER EASY. Well, that was two words but you get the picture! Once you have a profile with Oasis Living, moving to another one of our properties could not be easier. Just pick your next perfect home and a date you'd like to move in and we will do the rest.

Once all of your details are stored in our database, we can just transfer your details across. We want to make moving as simple as possible.

Stay in the know with our smart dashboard

We understand that it’s important to have one place to manage all your property needs. Our smart dashboard allows you to track payments and submit and track maintenance issues all in one easy place. Keep up to date and make sure that things are getting fixed quickly and efficiently!

Forget the high street agencies take your next move online with us and move in faster while paying 0% fees. Join the rent revolution.
Join the rent revolution
Affiliation Partner - Property Redress Scheme
Affiliation Partner - Money Shield Scheme
Affiliation Partner - Tenancy Deposit Scheme
Affiliation Partner - Barclays
Affiliation Partner - Truelayer
Affiliation Partner - Rightmove
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