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About Us

Find out who Oasis Living are and why we are so passionate about making renting easier for landlords and tenants.



Oasis Living are a tech-driven, property letting and management service. We use AI, automation and other smart tech solutions to speed up the property letting process, reducing void times, improving the viewings process and enabling a fast and efficient property management service.



The UK property rental market is suffering. In a world where things need to be quick and easy, the process of renting a new property is falling behind. Both tenants and landlords have to suffer through a manual letting process that relies on old technology from a bygone era. We are here to change that.



Just like Uber has done for ride-hailing and Deliveroo has done for the food delivery industry, we are aiming to use tech to keep our costs low and our quality and efficiency high. We have a deep understanding of the UK property market and have developed solutions to help you maximise the potential of your property.

We are an online letting agency that is making renting easier for everyone involved.

A message from our founder

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In this video, our founder Sam Ghosh will explain why he felt it was important to start Oasis Living for the UK property letting market. Sam has experience in the banking industry and is an accomplished software developer, with years of tech and start up experience. In the video, he will outline why there is a need for online letting agents such as Oasis Living and explain how we aim to make the lettings process better for both tenants and landlords.