Top 10 Safest Places To Live In London

Are you still on the fence about moving to London? Or are you thinking of moving your family to a new neighbourhood in the city? Or are you thinking of moving to the safest places In London? We’ve got you covered. London is such a big and widespread city that even long-time Londoners have probably never ventured to some of these quaint and friendly areas. Especially if you’re relocating with your family, you want to make sure that the place that you’re moving to is safe. To help you find a property to rent in this city, we’ve broken down the top ten safest places to live in London. This list is for families and bachelors and includes rent prices, distance from Central London, and the neighbourhood’s crime rate so you can make the decision that best fits you or your family. 



Deer of Richmond Park, London

Cheapest Rent for 2-bedroom flat: £1,200 PCM 

Distance from Central London: 9.2 miles

Crime Rate: 59 crimes per 1,000 citizens

Richmond upon Thames is perhaps one of London’s most beautiful and safest places to live in London. Even though it may be too far out of the city for some people’s liking, it has so many lovely places of its own. It’s green pastures guarantee you won’t be itching for Central London anytime soon. Situated along the Thames River and next to the deer-filled Richmond park, it’s a lovely place to take leisurely weekend walks or runs. Although for commuters Richmond may seem a bit too far out, if you can catch a fast train, it’s only 20 minutes to Waterloo station. It’s also worth noting that Richmond was voted one of London’s happiest places to live by Rightmove’s Happy Home Index, due to its vast green spaces and small-village feel. 


East Finchley

East Finchley Highstreet London

Cheapest Rent for 2-bedroom flat: £1,200 PCM 

Distance from Central London: 7.9 miles

Crime Rate: 79 crimes per 1000 citizens

Located in Northern London, East Finchley feels far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, while not being too far away from the center. It’s Northern Line tube stations make it easy for commuters to travel in and out of Central London. It’s also closely connected to places like Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath. East Finchley is filled with charming streets, green spaces and townhouses. It’s the perfect residential area if you’re looking to start a family and is becoming increasingly desirable because of its peaceful nature. 




Cheapest Rent for 2-bedroom flat: £1,083 PCM 

Distance from Central London: 5.1 miles

Crime Rate: 77 crimes per 1000 citizens

In the past few decades, Hampstead has transformed from being a rather affordable area of London to a very affluent sought-after neighbourhood filled with creatives, artists and musicians. One of the main reasons people move to Hampstead is to have easy access to the beautiful Hampstead Heath, which covers 790 acres of North London. Living in Hampstead, you will be close to places like Camden and only a few miles away from Central London. Given its affluent nature, Hampstead is definitely one of the safest places to live in London. Our only suggestion is that you avoid walking through the Heath at night.  


Dulwich Village

Dulwich park in London - safest places to live london

Cheapest Rent for 2-bedroom flat: £1,400 PCM 

Distance from Central London: 7.7 miles

Crime Rate: 37 crimes per 1000 citizens

Located in South London, Dulwich has a lovely village vibe that is difficult to find in a place that is so close to Central London. Some have gone as far to say that Dulwich offers its residents a taste of the English countryside without actually having to leave the city. Dulwich is easily connected to the center of the city and it’s only a stone’s throw away from the vibrant and spirited Peckham. It has a low crime rate and access to good grammar schools, making it a wonderful place to raise a family.


Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston by the riverside on the sunshine

Cheapest Rent for 2-bedroom flat: £1,100 PCM 

Distance from Central London: 11.7 miles

Crime Rate: 56 crimes per 1000 citizens

Known for its shopping, great access to green space and good schools. Kingston Upon Thames is quickly becoming one of the most sought after places to live in South London. The safe, posh and affluent area is only a thirty-minute train ride into Central London. Situated right along the river, it’s the perfect place to take lovely strolls at all times of the year- you can even easily make your way over to Richmond Park. The area is the perfect mixture of families and young people, so you’ll be able to find your place in the community no matter who you are. Check out our zero hassle lettings by heading to Oasis Living to find your perfect home in Kingston today.



Sutton highstreet - london

Cheapest Rent for 2-bedroom flat: £1,050 pcm 

Distance from Central London: 13.1 miles

Crime Rate: 58 crimes per 1000 citizens

If you’re thinking of moving to South-West London, then you may want to consider checking out Sutton. Its small and sleepy nature means many people haven’t heard of it but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth living there. It’s filled with happy people- in 2014, 91% of its residents said it was a great place to live. So if you’re looking for something tranquil and peaceful that’s a bit outside of the city, then Sutton may be the place for you.



havering highstreet, London - cloudy day with busy streets

Cheapest Rent for 2-bedroom flat: £950 PCM 

Distance from Central London: 17.5 miles

Crime Rate: 61 crimes per 1000 citizens

Located near Essex, Havering is one of the safest places to live in London with very few instances of assault and robbery. Residents that live there note it for having a relaxed and calm atmosphere with plenty of open green space.


Biggin Hill

a street in Biggin Hill in the sunshine on a cloudless day

Cheapest Rent for 2-bedroom flat: £1,100 PCM 

Distance from Central London: 17.6 miles

Crime Rate: 41 crimes per 1000 citizens

Biggin Hill was formerly a part of the county of Kent but today forms a part of Greater London. Located in South-East London, Biggin Hill is optimal for those that want a mixture of country and city living. It’s 17 miles away from Central London so you need to be prepared for a rather long commute. If you’re used to the vibrancy and busyness of city life, then you may feel quite isolated living in Biggin Hill. However, if you’re looking for a slower pace, then this part of South East London may just be the right place for you to move next.


Victoria Park Village

Victoria Park in the sunshine

Cheapest Rent for 2-bedroom flat: £1,300 PCM 

Distance from Central London: 4.9 miles

Crime Rate: 65 crimes per 1,000 citizens

Situated in the southern tip of the London borough of Hackney, this cute and tiny East London neighbourhood is perfect for hipsters and young families alike. The small village is nestled right next to Victoria Park, London Fields, and Regents Canal. Allowing for lovely walks and easy access to bustling nearby breweries and restaurants. The village is small and part of the draw is the delightful independent shops including clothing stores, pottery shops, and cafes. Its community feel is what makes this place so special; neighbours watch out for one another, which can help you feel safe and secure, regardless if you live alone or with your family. 




Cheapest Rent for 2-bedroom flat: £900 pcm 

Distance from Central London: 22.3 miles

Crime Rate: 81 crimes per 1000 citizens

Enfield is located in North London and is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. In addition to its low crime rate, housing prices and rent are reasonably low.  You can get a pretty good bargain on a decent property. For those that want access to beautiful green areas, Enfield has lots of it- make sure you check out Trent Park! Plus, you have pretty easy access to Central London. From Enfield to Liverpool Street you only need 30 minutes on the Overground.


Finding a safe place to live that will meet all of the needs of you or your family can be a challenge. These are some of the safest places to live in London, but there are so many wonderful neighbourhoods not listed. We also suggest expanding your search to some other areas to find out more. Don’t miss out on the perfect home for you or your family. To help you find your perfect new place in London and beyond, you can check out Oasis Living’s affordable and more efficient solution to renting a property. If you’re currently looking for a place to live in London, you can get more useful information from our 10 cheapest places to rent in London article.

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