Living in London for Students and Internationals

Want to get rich in London? Come and live the dream life of opportunity! If you are thinking about moving your rags on over to England’s big City, our guide will tell you everything it takes for day-to-day living in London. In this country, they call London, ‘The City of Opportunity’! Because here is where one can go from nothing to something with enough elbow grease.

Whether you’re looking for a new start with all the opportunities for success. Or want to see what London has in store before committing your life. Here’s everything you need to know about being successful and happy as a foreigner. Or even if you are moving as a student.

A lot can happen when we follow our dreams. People often move from one place to another. Seeking an opportunity that seems right around the corner. Or even to study!

In fact, many individuals have followed their aspirations and made it big time in London! Whatever your reason is for coming. whether because you need something different than where you are living now. because this city offers more career possibilities than others do.

Take our word on making yourself at home within these borders. It may be hard but worth every minute spent here as long as you make good decisions along.

Let us see how it’s like,

Living in London as a Foreigner

London has a hefty price tag with high house prices and restrictive rent to live in the City. However, an average salary of 35k pounds is enough for most people living in Greater London. With its 1-bedroom apartment costing $1.6K monthly minimum wage.

London is a safe place, but bad things can happen anywhere. The most common crime in London is theft. But it’s good to stay aware that any other criminal activity could also occur. Prepare for the worst or remain alert if you’re going out at night or something like that!

However, if you want to know about the safest places to live in London with families or even as a bachelor. We have a comprehensive guide that you should check out.

Lifestyle Impact

busy train station in London

The dynamic personality of London has existed for centuries. The workforce that keeps the city running is a big contributor to this. As workers rush in and out at all hours during their busy days. From professional to friendly, these individuals have been responsible for ensuring that London shines brightly on any given day. Even when it’s pouring rain outside!

Food Scene is Wild

There are many Michelin-starred restaurants in London. With ten receiving two stars and three earning the greatest of three. These include Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, The Araki, and Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester.

Michelin also awards Bib Gourmand awards to small establishments. That creates high-quality food for a reasonable value price. Recently including BAO and Brasserie Zedel on their list.

Party Atmosphere

People with flags sitting on a bus stop during Notting Hill Carnival

Every August, the Notting Hill Carnival takes over London. You might think of people in smart suits and pencil skirts when you imagine London. But forget that for party time. This two-day event will show you a different side to life here. A warm Caribbean community is full of vibrance with music from reggae to salsa dancing. It features delicious food available too!

Are you looking for something classy? Check out Raffles in Chelsea. They opened their doors back in 1967. And they’ve got the main room with velvet seating that centres around a raised stage. There’s also the Red Room where you’ll find stalls for seating. Also an authentic Sixties aesthetic to keep everything interesting. Living in London can be exciting, yeah?


The royal albert hall at evening time

London is home to some of the best music festivals in Europe, like the Hampton Court Palace Festival. You can have a picnic with your friends before you head over for a fantastic show by Elton John and Andrea Bocelli!

There are also events at Hyde Park. Such as BBC Proms in the Park. Where it’s not only classical performers that will entertain. Pop artists from all around the world come out too!

The Royal Albert Hall is the perfect venue for The Proms, with a capacity of over 5500 people. Held in summer from July to September 8th. It’s London’s most famous classical music event and tickets sell out fast!

Now let’s see how it is like,

Living in London as a Student

London is one of the world’s most popular student cities, but what about those who don’t attend college? Where should they live if not central London where all of the fun happens?

Well, we have finished compiling some areas to look into. For students and internationals alike that are still close to Westminster.

North London

Camden lock bridge

Studying in North London can be great as you have the option of living close to Camden or Finsbury Park.

Camden offers a bustling community with diverse cultures and cuisine. Making it an enjoyable place for students from all walks of life. It’s also conveniently located on the Northern Line, which makes commuting simple!

If your budget is tight. There are good deals if you start looking early enough. But don’t forget to look around too! Because while rent may seem pricey. This area has some high-end stores that aren’t available elsewhere. Like Burberry’s flagship store.

The Finsbury Park area is an excellent place for those looking to have fun at night. It offers many bars and pubs with live music, as well as parks where you can relax on lovely days.

This neighbourhood has seen an increase in new shops opening up. Such as restaurants and hair salons. Since it’s located by the Victoria Line, which is one of London’s fastest tube lines!

East London

There are many reasons to study or live in East London, but Mile End is an excellent place for students. It’s close to Liverpool Street and Aldgate stations on the Central Line. So you can be at your destination in no time! Housing will also come with some of the most affordable options available. Making it an even better choice.

If that doesn’t work out, then Stratford might just be what you’re looking for. Because they have everything we could ask from supermarkets to local eateries. A being only 10 minutes away by train from central London.

If you’re looking for a place to live in London, this is the spot. The rent here has been steadily rising over recent years. It’s easy to access from other trendy areas like Liverpool Street Station. Or Old Street Square as well!

The rent price near these tourist destinations is lower than some of the more expensive areas. So if that matters to you. Take advantage of this opportunity now before prices continue increasing rapidly!

South London

Brizon academy in black and white

Brixton is a bustling south London community. It has become one of the most popular places to live and visit in London. The area offers affordable prices, next to shops, eateries and bars galore. If you’re looking for something with more of an up-and-coming vibe. Then Tooting might be your destination!

Tooting relies on independent stores. Also, many other great attractions like world foods supermarkets. Or another option would be Brixton Market. It houses over 200 stalls catering from antique sellers to fresh fruit vendors. All under one roof!

Rent is very affordable here, which makes it a competitive area. Get the perfect apartment without breaking your budget! Let us find something for you.

West London

Shepherd’s Bush is an excellent area for students. Because of the Westfield Shopping Centre. You can find supermarkets, transportation links. And so much more in this buzzing part of London.

Another place to consider if you are looking at places close by, which also offers good transport connections into central London, would be Hammersmith – let us help you explore it now!

As a Student Living in London, You Will be Socializing. So Yeah..

Thankfully, as a student living in London, you can take advantage of various discounts. From retailers and restaurants. For example, many universities have stores that offer cheap food for students on tight budgets. Or even provide services like free printing for those who are enrolled in the university’s mailing program.

You may find various sites such as Visit London to help with finding things to do during your visit. Or booking inexpensive tickets at discounted prices through another site called Student Beans. The site has partnered up with hundreds of theatres across Europe. So that their members get great rates!

three students socialising in London with a laptop open on the table

As a college student, you may not have much money available after paying your rent each month. If you constantly look for student discounts and free events, It will help you big time stay on budget while studying abroad in London.

London is boasting of iconic landmarks. Historic shopping districts, legendary eateries and more, but it doesn’t stop there. Londoners also experience some of the best nightlife in Europe. From wild freshers week parties to post-exam bashes and everything in between!

Whether you are looking for a VIP club experience. Or something a little more low-key. For those on a budget! London has plenty of events going on every weekend that will suit your taste no matter what you’re after.

Some of the Cons of Living in London

You Cannot Ignore the Unpredictable Weather

London in the rain

Although there are beautiful beaches and seaside resorts close to London. You’re never guaranteed sunshine even in summer. However, Brits can find sunny weather. All-year-round by moving abroad to countries like Spain or Portugal.

In the upcoming heat waves, London may not be ready for soaring high temperatures. The Tube does not have air conditioning. Making it very uncomfortable on hot days. When you use public transportation to commute around town.

When you leave the house in London, it’s not always easy to know what to wear. The weather can change from cold and chilly at any time. When you first step outside into a heatwave if the sun comes out, followed by rain that cools things down again. Your best bet is layering with an extra bag or backpack handy for carrying your extras as needed.

There will be Queues Everywhere

London is an incredibly crowded city. And while the locals know how to queue up for all of that waiting time — 8 million people live here after all! It can be a little daunting if you’re not used to this kind of thing. More lines mean more queuing up in hotels, restaurants, tube stations. And even on escalators where there are queues at either side, so everyone has room.

Indeed a Pricey City

piggy bank on a white background

When on vacation, it can be challenging to track how much things cost and what the conversion rates are like. You may think you’re getting a good deal at USD 5 for beer in London. But when converted, that just happens to equal about eight pounds! London sure feels pricey!

Nights are Short

“Oooooh, this is the best night of my life,” you think to yourself. “I don’t want it ever to end.” You chat away with your friends. Until all of a sudden sobering lights go on in front of pub doors. And close down bars around 11 pm or midnight for most Londoners.

Some dance clubs might be open later than that. Still, if you’re caught off guard. And have to travel home after being out late, they too may not be opened by the time you get there.

Medications Sound Alien to You

The Boots pharmacy is an interesting place for your medical needs. It’s hard to figure out what’s what because the brands are all different. And when you go in there with your sore throat or aching back. Someone needs to listen and help find something for you that will work best. They offer Aleve or Advil behind the counter. So it can be challenging trying to decide which one works better. If they both make sense but aren’t sure yet on how serious this might get.


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