End of Tenancy: 11 Ways for a Hassle-Free Move out

It’s time! You’re moving out of your rental unit. But before you say goodbye to your landlord, it’s essential to make sure that everyone is on the same page with what needs to happen for a hassle-free end-of-tenancy.

In this blog post, we’ll walk through 11 easy ways to ensure that the process goes smoothly. We’ll also discuss the best practices in order to avoid any disputes later down the line…

1) Make Sure You Read Your Agreement Properly

Although you will have to fulfill multiple responsibilities before moving out, make sure that the lease expires on your move-out date. Additionally, double-check what these obligations are to avoid issues with paying for them after they pass due dates – such as missing rent payments or vacating before a tenancy agreement ends! This is especially important if you plan on using hotels and storage space during this time.

Before going forward, you must take note of your upcoming duties when leaving an apartment rental. This is to ensure you don’t miss anything necessary like payment deadlines within the stipulated contract, which can lead to more trouble later down the line. Also, since you need to vacate the premises beforehand, you might find yourself in a situation where extended stay at other accommodations becomes necessary. To avoid such scenarios you must be mindful. If you need more information on your end-of-tenancy, you can find out more on the government website. 

end of tenancy moving out, asian woman packing boxes and sealing them with tape

2) Pay Extra Attention to Details

It’s a good idea to secure time off work when moving, depending on the size of your rental, distance traveled, and the number of belongings you have. Take 2-3 days’ worth of leave in case anything goes wrong with your move, as this will ensure you can handle things smoothly. Inform all utility companies about your new address, so they don’t keep sending bills or packages there by mistake. To make the transition easier, it is also recommended to cancel local services – such as newspapers, cleaners, window cleaners, and fuel delivery. You must also inform your post office of the date you want mail redirected to your new address. Taking these steps will ensure everything runs smoothly.

3) Clean the property

This should be a no-brainer, but it’s worth repeating. Make sure to clean the property thoroughly before you hand over the keys and move out. It may seem like a lot of work, but will form part of your end-of-tenancy contract. Doing so will ensure your landlord doesn’t need to spend any more time cleaning than necessary and gives them less basis to charge you. The Coronavirus pandemic made us rethink the importance of hygiene in our homes and helped us understand that it’s not just about having a space that looks nice to spend time in. Finding an end-of-tenancy cleaning company offering specialist services will help you feel guided by experts throughout the process.

You may be eager to hit the ground running once you’ve packed your bag. But don’t forget about your tenancy deposit. Cleaning is a common reason for disputes and can cause significant problems with landlords or letting agents. So make sure that you clean up after yourself when moving out of your property. As per new legislation under the Tenant Fees Act 2018, it’s no longer compulsory for tenants to use professional cleaning services at their own expense before check-out time. Ultimately, do what feels best. Get stuck in or just arrange a cleaner for a professional clean instead if you’re not feeling brave enough.


man shutting window at the end of tenancy

4) Completing Minor Repairs

Picture hooks and screws may have accidentally caused small holes in the wall. If you’ve painted any walls a different colour without permission from the landlord, you must return them to their original state; as well as replace light bulbs that were working when you moved into your apartment.

Once you have cleaned, repaired, and removed your belongings from a rental property, hopefully, it’s now in the condition it was initially found upon check-in. Take pictures to prove how well you took care of the place, as you ou may need this evidence for disputes with landlords regarding security deposit deductions. Ensure all appliances are working properly too before taking photos as proof. To make your end-of-tenancy experience as easy and stress-free as possible, fix things like nail holes, and scuff marks in advance of moving day. Performing tasks a little at a time will help the process run smoothly.

5) Check Inventory

As you arrive at your new rental property, the landlord should provide an inventory list. This includes furniture and fittings. They can use it to withhold a percentage of your security deposit if something goes missing or isn’t working correctly at the end of the lease. If any items from the list need replacement, you should inform your landlord. They can let you know how best to repair them and what would happen if they were not quickly fixed.


one hand giving a pair of keys to another hand

6) Return Keys to the Landlord on Time

Ensure that you return your keys on time so that there isn’t any end-of-tenancy hassle. Try and do this at least one day before the official check-out date. Typically property managers need to ensure that all keys and fobs are present before a renter moves out. Alternatively, liase with your landlord to set up an appropriate time that works for both of you to return the keys securely.

7) Remove Pet Hair

If pets are living at the rental unit, make sure to completely get rid of all pet hairs on carpets both inside and outside. Otherwise, your landlord can charge for a professional carpet cleaning service. The final bill will also be divided between everyone moving in or out of that property which is usually very expensive! Don’t forget to remove pet hair from carpets before you leave.

8) Time to Pack Up

Pack up your belongings in advance so that you can avoid having to do it at the last minute before moving out. Don’t wait until the day of move-out as there’s a chance you may leave something behind and forget about it! And even though we recommend packing early – don’t pack everything too far ahead either, just enough time to sufficiently do so.

Remember, the tenancy agreement remains in place until you hand over the keys, or possession of the property is given up. This means you’ll still be financially responsible for any damage that may occur to your rented home, or belongings within this time, so it’s best to pack things up as soon as possible.

moving out of a home, man packing a lamp

9) Switch off everything and Turn off Appliances

Even though turning things off at the plug sockets can be done by anyone, renting requires being aware of specific regulations that you should follow. It will help you avoid unnecessary expenses when moving out. Make sure you switch off everything and unplug appliances before leaving the property.

10) Deposit Return

Reasonable deductions for scuffed walls or stains are commonly what landlords take from the deposit. They are likely to do this if you have not fulfilled all of your end of contract tasks. For example, cleaning up after yourself when moving out. This is understandable as landlords must ensure the property is being kept in good condition at all times. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to determine how much damage was done by the tenant versus normal wear-and-tear. To avoid conflict, try to resolve problems with your landlord beforehand. If a problem does arise, you will need to negotiate an agreement together.

11) Final Checks

A final check is necessary before going somewhere new. Make sure you’ve ticked every box. Including a final walk around the property to ensure nothing has been forgotten or overlooked. Get a friend’s help in doing this, as they can provide an outside perspective that may be useful if something appears out of place – especially if it was missed during your inspection.

woman entering a home for inspection

The Importance of Cleaning for a Hassle-Free End of Tenancy

The Tenant Fees Act has significantly changed tenancy agreements. Especially for landlords who have asked their tenants for professional cleaning services at the end of a lease. However, if you signed your agreement before 1 June 2019,  you are required or requested to pay these charges – it is legal until 31 May 2020.

However, we cannot stress enough the importance of cleaning for a hassle-free end of the tenancy. It’s good practice to clean your rental unit before you leave because:

No Disputes

The cleanliness of the property can lead to a lot of disputes, as per TDS. This is because more than half its cases involve cleaning disagreements between landlords and tenants. To avoid this, ensure that at the end of your tenancy, you’ve left the house in good condition. If you feel your agent or the landlord are being unfair with the deposit money, get help from the government’s deposit protection scheme!

Get good references

To get a positive reference from your landlord, you should clean the property adequately before moving out. If you do not leave it in good condition, this may reflect poorly on them.

man cleaning the kitchen worktop with yellow rubber gloves and cloth

How clean is C-L-E-A-N?

Your landlord or letting agent should expect you to clean the property only to its original condition. You can, however, take general wear and tear into account. If you move into a property that is not very clean, this is how you can expect to leave it. Unless they attempt to fix these issues upon when you moved in.

So, whether you hire a professional to clean or do it yourself, make sure you have your inventory with you. This way, cleaning each room and moving furniture around won’t distract from the task at hand. With this in mind, focus your attention on those pesky skirting boards rather than fixing any marks already made by previous tenants.

Final Verdict

There are many things you need to do before your landlord can lock the door behind you. We hope this list was helpful, but if we missed anything make sure to contact us and ask! If there’s one thing we know for certain it’s that everyone wants an easy move out of their rental property. The professionals at Oasis Living are always happy to help! So feel free to reach out with any questions about moving day or a smooth transition into your new place.

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