We offer enhanced property letting services for a lower cost than the average high street letting agent. Check out out our prices and compare them to market averages below!


Our Services

Tenant Find

10% (inc. VAT)
  • Rental Price Evaluation
  • Initial Inventory
  • Property Improvement Advice
  • Premium Property Advertising
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Tenant Referencing
  • Viewing Management
  • Deposit Protection Registration
  • First Rent Collection and Deposit
  • Professional Property Photography
  • Intuitive Property Staging
  • Pre-Tenancy Cleaning

Property Management

5% (inc. VAT)
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Property Management Dashboard
  • 24/7 Support
  • Maintenance and Issue Management
  • Monthly Statements
  • Rent Collection
  • Check-out inspection
  • Same-Day Bank Transfer
  • Tenancy Renewal

Fully Let & Managed

    Enjoy all of the benefits from
    both packages
    for only 15%
    Best value

Additional Services

C02 Alarm Install£100
Additional Property Inspections£80
Legionella Risk Assessment£100
Smoke Alarm Installation£110
Section 8 & 21£150
Rent Guarantee Service£180
Electrics Report£180
Gas Safety Certificate£70
EPC Certificate£96
Gas & Portable Appliance Testing£96
HMRC Return for Non-Resident Landlords£105
Contracted works Over £100015%

How do We Compare

We offer a fully let and managed service with enhanced and improved features to make your letting experience as quick and simple as possible. Check out how we stack up against a traditional highstreet letting agency:

Average Monthly Rent*£1,759.00
Yearly Value£21,108.00
Oasis LivingTraditional Letting AgentTotal Saving
Yearly Letting Costs£2,110.80£2,849.58£738.78
Yearly Property Management Costs£1,055.40£1,393.13£337.73
Yearly Letting Costs£3,166.20£4,242.71£1,076.51


Stick with us and we'll see you right! We want to make sure our landlords see as much benefit from the service as possible. That's why we will drop our fees on the forest renewal. More money in your pocket.

We want to remove the confusion around renewals. See below for the effective 2nd year renewals fees we will charge and a comparison to waht the average highstreet letting agent is charging!

Oasis LivingAverage Traditional Letting Agent
Tenant Find8%12%
Property Management5%7.20%
Fully Let & Managed13%19%


Are you flexible on yearly/monthly payments?
Yes, completely flexible! You can choose to pay you letting fees in one go for the whole year or we can deducted from your monthly rental income when your tenants pay in. It’s completely up to you how you pay and our team will work with you to ensure you are happy and comfortable with the payment agreement in your agreement.
How are you able to offer such low fees?
We use smart tech and automation for a lot of the processes at Oasis living. This means we can save on costs by automating a lot of the simple, everyday jobs, saving in costs and increasing our efficiency. Because of this, we can charge less but deliver a higher quality service to our landlords! We’re upgrading the landlord experience and bringing it into the 21st century!
How do I get paid?
We will transfer your rent earnings directly to your bank account on the same day that your tenants pay. You can track all of your payments, invoices and statements via the property management dashboard and we can send you email statements/invoices if you prefer. We aim to be speedy and transparent with our payments so you’re not kept in the dark.
What about maintenance costs? How do they get paid?
Well first we should mention that a lot of the small fixes like door handle replacements and such will be included as part of the property management service. You can find out more on that here. For all other maintenance payments, you will be able to view and approve the payment from the dashboard. This gives you total control over the expense and allows you to understand the issue and cost more effectively!
How is your service better than a traditional high street letting agent?
Our mission is to make the property letting experience better for landlords and tenants. We know that letting agents can be frustrating - the lack of communications and transparency is not what a landlord needs when trying to gain an income and protect their asset!

That’s why we have devised new technology that makes the process more transparent and efficient. You won’t need to wonder if your gas or fire safety certificate is up-to-date, just check the dashboard and you’ll see the status and expiration date instantly. Our customer care team and personal account managers are also on hand to help you with whatever you need. We never want landlords to be in the dark about their property!
Do you offer a guaranteed rent service?
Right now we do not. BUT we are working on it and it’s something we would like to add to our perks and services in the future. When you sign up, you can chat to one of our experts about this in more detail.

It’s time to level up your landlording!

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