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Letting Agents London

Find tenants for your  property with a letting agent in London that offers an improved letting service for landlords. List you property on ALL major property platforms like Zoopla, Rightmove, Home Like and more and find high quality tenants in an instant. Book a valuation today to find out how Oasis Living can help you get the most out of your property!

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Call letting agents London

If you need to ask us a few questions about our landlord letting services in London then please feel free to book a call at a time that suits you. Our property letting experts are here to help you with whatever you need! Just click the button below to find out more on our tenant find services, property management or how we can fully let and manage your property at a competitive rate.

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Find the perfect tenants for your London property

If you need to find tenants then Oasis Living is the clear choice for landlords like yourself. We use technology to analyse the local area market to ensure you are getting the most value from your London property, without pricing yourself out of the market. We will then list your property on all major platforms like RIghtmove and Zoopla and once we have sorted through all of the potential tenants, we'll send you the best ones to choose from! We'll do all the work and you keep all of the control! 

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Letting agents in London that can manage your property more effectively

If you want to remove the stress of managing you property, then look no further than Oasis Living. We can manage all aspects of your London property. We use our platform to keep you up to date if you want to be and we will handle all maintenance, rent collection, tenancy renewals and other tenant enquiries. This allows you to sit back and enjoy the benefits that your London property earns you, without having the hassle of managing the day to day. All for a 7% property management fee.

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Our Letting Agent Fees

We offer a lot of the same letting agent fees as many of the well-established traditional letting agents. However our use of technology helps to make things faster, more efficient and more cost effective. Our low overheads mean that as a landlord, you will pay less for a far superior service.

Tenant Find

Rental Price Evaluation
We use a combination of market analysis and a visit to your property to determine what value you can get and how to improve things to get even more.
Initial Inventory
We will carry out the inventory for you and ensure the property's condition and assets are well documented.
Property Improvement Advice
Get more from your property with helpful, industry standard home improvements. We can advise and help with the improvements!
Premium Property Advertising
We will advertise your property on Rightmove, Zoopla and any other premium property marketplace
Tenancy Agreement
We will draw up your tenancy agreement with the tenant and ensure that all parties sign as smoothly as possible.
Tenant Referencing
Fast and simple referencing process that ensures you only get the best tenants!
Viewing Management
All of your viewings will be carried out with a letting professional that know how to upsell the amazing features of your property!
Deposit Protection Registration
Your deposit is protected with the DPS and Money Shield
First Rent Collection and Deposit
Your first rent collections and deposit collection can be handled professionally by us.
Professional Property Photography
Make your listing stand out with premium property photography as a standard.
Intuitive Property Staging
Make sure that your property looks its best for listings and viewings. We will position things just right for you and go the extra mile.
Pre-Tenancy Cleaning
We will clean up your property before the next tenancy, including giving it a lick of paint if needed, at no extra charge.
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Property Management

Personal Account Manager
One of our letting experts will be assigned to your account and will be able to help you with whatever you need.
Property Management Dashboard
See all the information on all your properties in one simple place. Get updates on payments, maintenance and more.
24/7 Support
Get support as and when you need it from our trained landlord care team and expert letting professionals
Maintenance & Issue Management
All your maintenance will be handled by us, you don't need to worry about anything. We can give you updates as and when you need them.
Monthly Statements
We'll send you monthly statements via email or you can view in the landlord dashboard
Rent Collection
We'll collect the rent each month and transfer it over to you securely
Check-Out Inspection
We'll ensure that we accurately capture any changes in your property's state from check-in to check-out.
Same Day Bank Transfer
We use Truelayer to ensure your money is sent fast and securely
Tenancy Renewal
Hassle free renewals for less than any of our competitors
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Fully Let & Managed

£900 + 5% (inc. VAT)

Enjoy all of the benefits from both packages for a fraction of the price of a traditional letting agent

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A letting agent London that was made specifically for landlords

Watch the video below to see how Oasis living was established and learn about what our business model is. We recognise there are a lot of issues with the traditional letting agent model, and we aim to fix it and make things more affordable for our Landlords. We use technology and innovation to deliver a service that is unburdened by lazy humans process. London letting agents that use outdated business practices are a thing of the past. It is time ti upgrade the letting market to something that helps landlord and tenants get the most from their letting agent.

Keep up to date on your London property with ease

Our landlord dashboard will help you see when payments are made, what repairs are in progress, invoices and statements and basically everything you need to know about your London property, all in one place. We want to make sure you are never kept in the dark by your letting agent London again. Oasis Living are a letting agency that chooses to build trust through transparency and communication. We are here to help our landlords succeed.

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Speedy tenant onboarding

From enquiry to offer, our tenant enquiry and onboarding process is fully automated so we can get the offer letter signed and the deposit paid as soon as possible. Tenants will be guided seamlessly through an easy to follow journey, all of the way to the offer letter. This is all, supported if need be, by our team of letting experts. If a tenant is ready and willing, we can ave the deposit in a matter of hours, not days and under the right circumstances, we can even move them in in a matter for days, not weeks. This means less void times for you, boosting your London proeprty's yield.

Unique features of letting agents in London

Our technology and other features allow our landlords and tenants to get hte most from the Oasis Living platform. We want to deliver the best experience to all of our users and ensure a smooth property letting process overall. See below for some of the key unique property letting features we offer.

Landlord dashboard

Our landlord dashboard allows our landlords to see all of the updates and developments for one or all of their properties. Stay up t date on maintenance, payments, invoices and more from your phone or laptop. We believe that a letting agency London should be transparent with the information relating to a landlord's property. Get clear updates whenever you need them.

Same-day bank transfer

We use Truelayer to handle all of our transactions from deposits to rent payments and anything in between. Get same-day bank transfer fro all of your rent payments so you are never waiting around for payments. Truelayer banking is a highly protected, efficient and trustworthy service. We will always make sure you get your money safely, securely and on time.

Premium Property Photography

We offer premium photography as a standard at Oasis Living. Your property listings will always stand out in a crowd with photographs that really POP! Increase interest and enquiries about your property with beautiful imagery that allows the tenant to imagine what is could be like to leave there in an instant.

Property Staging

Sometime London properties need a little bit of feng shui to ensure things are looking at their best. We will maximise the space and place furniture in places that make the most of what your property has to offer. Our property listings will always make sure to capture your properties best side. Increase enquiries with a listing that makes people say WOW! 

Optimised property listings

Competition on RIghtmove, Zoopla and other property platforms is high. That's why we learned the tricks need to ensure your listing get in front of as money tenants as possible. Our technology is designed to show your London property to as many tenants as possible, increasing the enquiries and ensuring you find the perfect tenant FAST.

Lower fees

Because we can use technology, optimisation and innovation to keep our operational costs down, we can offer fees that are more competitive than other letting agents London. We want letting ti be afforable for the landlords as well as the tenants. THat's why we offer fees of 10% for tenant find, 7% for property management and only 15% for fully let and managed. With Oasis Living, you get a letting agent London that delivers a better service for a better price.

Letting agents London, that really know London

We were born in London, a city we know like the back of our hand. Our founders own and let out London properties and our office is in Canary Wharf. We love London and have been working with property in London for our entire company life. Our blog features tonnes of great London information that we will deliver to our tenants to enhance their letting experience and increase their chance of renewing their tenancy agreement.

We want to ensure that our tenants get a unique letting experience when they let with Oasis Living. We'll help them find the best bars in Soho or inform them experiences in their local area that might interest them. Letting is evolving, and letting agents need to become the curators of the places they move their tenants into. Oasis Living are here to enhance the letting experience with solid content and knowledge of London and beyond

a graffitied building in Hackney, London

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