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What is Oasis Living

Oasis Living is an online lettings and property management platform that combines technology and with traditional letting and management operations to deliver an efficient way to let, secure, and maintain your property. We believe that the current process to rent a home is outdated. In an age when we can order a car with click of a button, or order food from our favourite restaurant within a few minutes, finding and renting a home should be easy. We are re-imagining how renting should be in a new world

Landlords - We provide you with all the tools to list their property in one secure place, such as drafting and signing of contracts and collecting rent. Our property team will come see your place, stage it if necessary, take amazing pictures and find you high quality tenants in no time

Tenants - We provide you with well-vetted, well-maintained properties that you will love to stay. We are quick - from first enquiry to setting up a viewing takes a very short time, and we will help you move to your new home within a week

How are you different to other online agents?

Oasis Living provides you with the tools for an end-to-end lettings experience where everything takes place all under one roof. You have access to Oasis Living’s property management platform, where you can communicate with tenants directly. You can also contact one of our team members 24/7 for added support. 

How do you vet potential  tenants?

If you decide to reference your tenant(s), they will be asked to complete referencing forms via RentProfile – our trusted tenant referencing provider. RentProfile provide a comprehensive referencing process that includes: Identity verificationPrevious Landlord/Agent referencingMobile phone verificationCredit file assessmentAffordability assessment CCJs (County court judgements)History of bankruptcyEmployment status verificationUK bank account verificationRight to rent (preliminary check)You may also wish to take out additional products, such as Rent Guarantee Insurance. More information on other insurance products is available here. 

I don’t have a current tenant. Who will do the viewings?

If there isn’t a tenant in situ you can conduct viewings yourself. After all, you already have excellent knowledge of the property – you own it! There is no tenant fee to pay if you do your own viewings. More information on how to conduct a viewing is available here. 

Do I need to pay for tenant referencing?

No you don't. We want you to have peace of mind with solid referencing for tenants. Tenant referencing is free

Can you sell my property?

Oasis Living is a lettings-only platform. However, if you want to sell your home we can help through our sister company, emoov. We often have special promotions where users of Oasis Living and emoov receive discounts for using the services.

How does Oasis Living manage to be so cost effective?

There are very few overhead costs for running an online lettings service compared to a high-street agent.  With the technology Oasis Living uses, the number of administrative tasks are reduced – which means we can offer competitive pricing structures. 

Is Oasis Living nationwide?

We cover postcodes throughout the whole of the UK, meaning you can list your property whether you live in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland – subject to local area regulations. If you would like any more information, please contact us directly.

Can I advertise rooms in a shared property?

Oasis Living doesn’t currently allow adverts for private rooms HMO. However, this will be coming soon! You can contact us for more information. 

I have new tenants already but need help with contracts. Can you help?

Certainly. In this case, you won’t need to involve your departing tenant – you would simply need to subscribe to Oasis Living and create your property profile. You can then invite your tenants to register and offer the property through Oasis Living. You will be able to transact, sign agreements, collect rent, communicate and store all documents on Oasis Living.

Do I need to instruct my tenant to conduct viewings?

If you don’t want to take advantage of our Tenant Team Up offer, we advise that you conduct the viewings yourself. You know the property much better than the agents do, and doing it yourself will increase the chances of a viewer putting in an offer as you can tell them more about the property than anyone else.

How many photos should I upload for my listing?

There is no limit to how many photos you upload, but we recommend having at least one clear photograph of every room and of the exterior if possible. More information on how to take photos for your property is available here.

How much rent should I charge?

If you are unsure about how much you want to let your property for, Oasis Living can help you choose a realistic valuation according to current market conditions. Read our article on how much rent you can charge. You can also get in touch with one of our team members, who will be happy to guide you on the rental price. 

Do you have Client Money Protection?

Oasis Living is part of the Client Money Protection Scheme. The Client Money Protection Scheme was introduced in 2019 and obliges all letting agents be registered members. CMP schemes protect your money (rent and deposit monies) which is received by agents.

What is included in my lettings fees?

You get a comprehensive lettings service when you list your property with Oasis Living: Full access to Oasis Living’s dashboardProperty advertising to millions of renters on Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocationRent collectionFull supportIf you sign up for the Tenant Team Up package, you will also be required to pay them a fee equating to one week’s rent if they successfully find you a new tenant. More information on Tenant Team Up available here.

My property isn’t available yet. Should I still list?

Oasis Living recommends listing your property between four to six weeks before it’s vacant. Please bear in mind that your best exposure on property portals will be when you first list – this is because your property will appear as new. If you know when your current tenant vacates the property, the Tenant Team Up package is ideal for you. More information on Tenant Team Up is available here

Who provides photos of the property?

Landlords or current tenants are welcome to take their own photos. Oasis Living also provides a professional photography package with floor plan if you don’t want to do it yourself. The service is available as an add-on during the checkout process when you list your property.

How do I edit my property listing once it’s live?

Making amendments to your property listing is easy. Simply visit your Manager Dashboard and click on ‘Listings’. There will be a short period between you making the changes and when they go live on the site, as one of our team members will need to verify the changes. Changes are implemented within  24 hours. 

Where will my property be listed?

As well as listing your property on Oasis Living’s website, we advertise on all the major portals – including Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation. These portals get millions of renters visiting daily, who are all looking for a new rental home.

How important is a floor plan

Rightmove statistics have proved that people searching on property listings with a floor plan spend 35% longer than one without. The longer people spend looking at your listing, the better it is for you. Oasis Living provides a professional floor plan

Who can I speak with when I need help?

There are many ways to get in touch with Oasis Living. We have a dedicated customer service team (we like to call them Oasis Livingers) that can be reached via online chat or on 02080124755 . You can also get in touch via email or on social media: Email addressTwitterFacebookInstagram

How soon will my property be listed?

We will list your property instantly and it will be live on Rightmove in a couple of hours. It usually takes under 7 days to secure a new tenant. However, we will keep the property listed for up to a month on Rightmove and Zoopla.

Does Oasis Living offer full support?

Oasis Living is here to support you throughout the whole process! It’s easy to get in touch with one of the team members, and you can reach out to us via the website, email or on social media.Get in touch with us at: Website contactEmail addressTwitterFacebookInstagram

How does viewing feedback work?

You can view all feedback on your Manager Dashboard, from communications with tenants to feedback with potential renters. Oasis Living also sends notifications when you have a message or have received feedback.

I am a letting agent, can you find me tenants too?

Sorry, Oasis Living currently only accepts listings from private landlords. Although, if you are a company/housing association that owns the properties you are letting, we can certainly help.

How do I list of my property?

Listing your property with Oasis Living is easy. After you’ve signed up to a Oasis Living account, click on ‘Add Listing’ and fill in your property details. You can also add any extras – such as floor plan and photos –  before you complete the checkout process. Our support team are always on hand to assist you should you have any questions. 

What is Oasis Living?

Oasis Living is an online lettings platform that combines technology and community to deliver an efficient way to let, secure, and maintain your property. We provide landlords and departing tenants with all the tools to list their property in one secure place, such as drafting and signing of contracts and collecting rent. Landlords and tenants working together creates a smoother overall process and helps to minimise void periods. 

How do payments work?

Oasis Living’s card transactions are processed through our trusted providers, Stripe (for credit card payments) and Truelayer (for UK and EU bank payments). We don’t store any of your credit card data, nor do we share any information with third parties.

My property is taking longer to let than I thought it would

The majority of properties take between 5 and 10 days to let. If it is taking longer to find a new tenant  than you would like, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members. They will be able to offer advice on how you can speed up the letting process.

How do viewings work with Oasis Living?

We believe that current tenants or landlords are best suited to conduct viewings. As the landlord, you may wish to do the viewings yourself, or you might opt for the Tenant Team Up package. Overall, the process is smoother when communication takes place directly between the person living in the property and the viewer. No one knows the property better than yourself or the tenants currently living there. 

Can I use another agent as well as Oasis Living?

Oasis Living doesn’t require sole agency, and you are welcome to use as many agents as you like. However, if the departing tenant finds a new tenant and you decide to use another agency for the contracts, the departing tenant will still be due one week’s worth of rent as per the Tenant Team Up package. 

What insurance products are available to Landlords?

At Oasis Living we offer a variety of products to give you that extra piece of mind. Here is a comprehensive list of everything we offer to boost your lettings experience: Tenant referencingEPCCheck-in/Check-out and inventory Gas Safety Certificate Rent Guarantee InsuranceBuilding insuranceContents insuranceOasis Living Deposit Replacement 

Can I let my property with Oasis Living if I don’t live in the UK?

If you have someone else to do the viewings for you, then it doesn’t matter where you live – whether it’s in the UK or elsewhere. Oasis Living provides a complete overview for landlords so they can communicate with renters, see real-time transactions and go through the entire lettings process with a hassle-free experience. 

How does tenancy deposit replacement  work?

Tenancy deposit replacement  is becoming increasingly popular amongst tenants. It provides the same level of protection as a regular security deposit but costs less for the tenant. The result will likely see them moving into properties faster, thus reducing void periods. More information about tenancy deposit replacement  is available here.

Who is Oasis Living for?

Oasis Living is for landlords and tenants who are tired of a lettings industry that refuses to evolve with the times. We are driven by technology and place an emphasis on human interaction. Our landlords enjoy total support, cheaper fees, and take care of every part of the process. By connecting landlords and tenants directly, Oasis Living offers faster tenancies, reduced void periods and Tenant Team Up, which enables landlords to enlist the help of departing tenants to secure new ones.

How does an EPC work?

An Energy Performance Certificate, otherwise known as an EPC, is a rating awarded to a property that provides the homeowner and potential tenant(s) with an indication of its energy efficiency. It is a legal requirement and lasts for 10 years. More information about EPCs is available here.

Do I have to pay for tenant referencing?

No Oasis Living will not charge you for referencing.

How do I make an offer for a property?

Once you have sent a Viewing Request for a property, you can put your offer forward to the landlord directly through your Activity Overview for that property on Oasis Living. You can make offers, negotiate and sign the contracts if an offer is successful in your Activity Overview.

What forms of ID do you accept?

We accept UK or EEA passport, national ID card, driving licence - everything should be current and not expiring within next 1 month of course.

Is Oasis Living services free for tenants?

Yes, Oasis Living services are free for tenants who use us to find a new home

Is Oasis Living part of any lettings associations?

Oasis Living is proud to be part of the following associations: 

  1. Client Money Protection Scheme
  2. Property Redress Scheme
Do I need to pay a deposit?

You need to pay a security deposit when moving into a property, which is capped at five week’s rent: eg, if you pay £1,300 per month in rent, the security deposit due will be £1,500. The deposit is covered by the deposit protection scheme and is returned to you once the tenancy is over, barring any damage caused by yourself to the property. The Oasis Living Zero Security Deposit is an alternative to the traditional deposit and sees tenants pay a one-time, non-refundable fee that equates to one week’s rent. The scheme offers the same protections as a regular deposit, but is cheaper, more flexible and passes the savings onto you. Oasis Living Zero Security Deposit is available at the discretion of the landlord. 

Does Oasis Living accept tenants with pets

Landlords have the final say on whether pets are allowed in the property. All property listings on Oasis Living indicate if pets are allowed in the property.

I’ve been asked to make a payment outside of the platform. What should I do?

We will never ask you to pay for anything outside of our site, through email, or a third-party. If someone asks you to send money outside of Oasis Living, please alert us immediately. 

We will only ask you to pay via website links that should be SSL secured and have as domain, or via bank transfer to accounts that are strictly in company name, Regents Partners Ltd t/a Oasis Living

How can I change my payment details?

Any payment changes to how you pay rent must be done directly through your bank. 

How do I arrange a viewing?

Arranging a viewing on Oasis Living is easy. When you find a property that you like, click on the ‘request a viewing’ button and select a time and date that best suits you. The property manager will then get back to you to confirm the date and time, with all communication taking place through the Oasis Living dashboard. 

Can I still rent the property if I have bad credit?

You can still rent a property if you have bad credit. Ultimately, the decision will come down to the landlord, and they may ask you to provide a guarantor for extra security. 

What is a holding deposit and how does it work?

The holding deposit (sometimes also called the reservation fee) is payable to the landlord/letting agent and secures the property to take it off the lettings market. Once the contract is signed, the holding deposit will be put towards the first month’s rent. 

Why am I being asked for a guarantor?

Landlords may ask you to provide a guarantor if they don’t feel confident you will be able to pay the rent or if you haven’t passed referencing.  If your net household income is at least 2.5x the amount of rent the household needs to pay, then you probably do not need a guarantor. A guarantor will most likely be needed if you are a student and sometimes if you are a self-employed. If you are unsure of whether you might need a guarantor, please contact our tenant care team

How does Oasis Living keep my data secure?

Oasis Living never shares your details with any third-party providers unless you have consented for us to do so. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

How do I make a complaint?

While we hope that your experience with Oasis Living is a positive one, you can get in touch with someone from our team directly by using the following contact

We will confirm your communication within 1 business day and come back with reply within 5 business days

If you are still unhappy you can contact Property Redress Scheme who is an independent adjudicator

How do I renew my tenancy with Oasis Living?

You can contact us directly about renewals, and we will liaise between you and landlord and if everyone is on the same page we will provide documentation and get everything signed

How do I inform you that I’m running late?

Always try to be on time for a viewing. However, if there are unforeseen circumstances that mean you’re running late, you can contact the property manager directly by using the messaging feature in your Tenant Dashboard, or by replying to the email you have from us

What is Stays by Oasis Living

Oasis Living Stays is a platform where you can book a medium term stay between 1 to 6 months. Oasis Living Stays has catered to over 1000 different tenants so far who have used us for relocation to UK due to work, as a stop-gap while moving houses, for self-isolation and several other reasons that require a temporary few months of stay. Oasis Living Stays provides curated services and convenience for the modern renter. Check out Oasis Stays

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