Oasis Living is a tech and data-driven real estate and lifestyle rental company for the modern renter.

Our unique combination of technology and operational experience allows us to produce high growth and secure income for residential properties. Oasis Living leverages its unique proprietary technology to provide 6 key benefits to landlords.

Secure Income

With Oasis Living managing your assets, you will receive secure and stable cash flows by a single corporate tenant.

No More Voids

Whether you are trying to bridge voids in your rental properties while marketing individual flats, or you own a newly developed asset that you’re marketing to investors as a whole, Oasis Living will generate income for your asset.

Hands-Free Asset Management

We take care of the entire asset management process: everything from interior and decorative maintenance through our skilled housekeeping and maintenance personnel to checking and onboarding tenants.

Save Fees

Having Oasis Living operate your property means you do not have to pay leasing commissions to agents. Nor will you have advertising or marketing costs for your apartments. We use technology to manage the entire marketing process.

High-Quality Tenants

We allow a curated set of high quality tenants to stay in our apartments, helping them through the onboarding and tenancy process with our platform

Technology Driven

Our technology enables unique flexibility in starting and terminating operations in new units. We are also able to coordinate stays and maintenance routines so as to facilitate viewings of the properties while they are marketed.

Hands-free asset management package

We convert residential apartments into beautiful serviced apartments. We fully manage a residential asset, processing and vetting all tenants as well as housekeeping and maintaining the property to the highest standard with designated personnel. Our technology powered via Machine Learning constantly learns from the maintenance and operational challenges that arise day-to-day to streamline our maintenance and housekeeping resources better to solve faced by our tenants faster, and preserve property value better

Achieving the right property-tenant fit with Machine Learning

We leverage our unique Machine Learning technology to carefully match the right property for the right tenant,ensuring quality experience for tenants and security for property owners. Oasis Living tech and services are designed to ensure optimal maintenance of apartments and no disturbances for tenants or nighbours

Unlocking the medium-stay market

Our technology allows us to seamlessly fill assets with medium-stay tenants who are looking for tenancies under 12 months, and give them flexibility to end tenancies if their professional circumstances allow so. With intelligent pricing and pairing of tenants to correct properties, we provide this flexibility, minimize void periods, and ensure regulatory compliance while providing great flexibility in income streams to landlords.

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