Manager repairs for you, with no overhead costs

Repair Management image

We manage repairs for you in the property, while keeping you informed to as much detail as you want to, via the Smart Dashboard

Managing your repairs 24/7

Nobody wants to receive a phone call at midnight about maintenance issues. But with repair management cover, you don’t have to worry! Your tenant can report an issue directly to our 24h Support team, and we’ll get straight on the case. Smart Dashboard

Safety, time and cost

We can use your preferred supplier or source three independent quotes for you. In emergencies, we’ll make the property safe and then get to work fixing the issue. Safety is always a priority, but we keep a very close eye on managing your costs too.

Don’t despair over repairs

We understand that managing repairs is a key issue for the smooth running of a tenancy, which is why our Repair Management solution is available across Oasis Living packages.