We put thoughtful touches to your property and make it rent at the best value

Professional Staging & Photography image

We have our in-house team of professional staging experts who will quickly transform your property to something more appealing - by small touches, or a rug or a few artful cushions, a few decorative pieces of arts. This along with our in-house photography team will make sure that your property is shown in the best light possible

No more dim-lit bad photos

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so making sure the images of your property showcase it to its very best is really important. A dodgy snap could be the difference between a viewing, or people scrolling on by.

Leave a long-lasting impact

Oasis Living team of professional property photographers know exactly how to capture a home looking its absolute best. They’ll make sure you receive a full set of hi-resolution digital images that really show off your property.

Add value with staging

On an average, a well staged property gets 5-15% uplift in rental value. Our team will help you achieve this. Ask us to see our portfolio of property transformations