Accurate recording keeping before and after, for peace of mind of everyone

Inventory and Check in image

Checkin-inventory at the onset in a detailed, itemised manner with pictures is the best way to keep everyone on same page and ensure proper records are kept in line with legislations and for dispute resolution, if any, in the future. We do this free of charge, along with checkout-inventory 

Fully itemised inventory

Giving a clear view of the contents and condition of your property, an inventory can be an invaluable tool should you have any deposit disputes. Our inventory clerks will carry out a full photographic inventory, providing a clear and comprehensive document.

Legal checklist compliant

There’s plenty to do to at check in to make sure you’re compliant with landlord legislation. Your local team will carry out a Right to Rent check and a smoke alarm test, and make sure that all the regulatory boxes are ticked and your tenants are happy.

Video manuals

Our team will record video manuals of basic instructions of how to use various amenities, how to dispose of trash, how to co-exist in line with the dos and donts of the building and the neighbourhood - and send them to tenant so that you can have a peaceful checkin at your property and have tenants that are hassle-free