ONE FREE maintenance visit per month by our handyman. No catch!!

Free maintenance once a month image

One of our best no frills offer for landlords. We know how disappointing it is to send a handyman incurring a hefty charge only to put PTFE tape to fix a leaky tap, or turn the boiler from summer to winter mode to turn on the radiator.

With Oasis, you get ONE free handyman visit a month if the cost is £40 or less, and if it does not need a specialist like electrician, plumber, mason to be present. If our trained handyman can fix it, we will do it free of charge and send you an update with video and pictures

Upto £40 labour cost a month on handyman, free of charge

If it does not need a specialist, our handyman will gladly go and check and try to fix things and send you an update through the Smart Dashboard

Small issues dont become big issues

Our handymen will find and fix small things fast and prevent them from turning into bigger, costlier issues