Haunted London: Six Spooky Spots in the Capital

London’s Ghastly past

Jack the Ripper? Woman in black? We’re sure you’ve heard your fair share of fictional horror stories (well, almost fiction) through books, films, and even plays. But whether you’re going to see the Woman In Black at the West End this weekend, or re-live the streets of Jack the Ripper at the London Dungeons, we’ve compiled a list of six not-so-fictional haunted places with a ghastly past. Are you ready to take a sneak peek?

The Tower of London

One of the first things you learn in history class is that Henry VIII had eight wives, one of whom was Anne Boleyn. From 1100 to 1952, The Tower of London was a prison for people disliked by the ruling monarchy, and prisoners were usually publicly executed. Anne Boleyn suffered this dreadful fate, and is the most famous figure to supposedly haunt the tower of London.

Liverpool Street Station

Crossrail works which began in 2015 uncovered 30 bodies underneath what is now Liverpool Street Station. Believed to have been victims of the great plague, many visitors have also reported seeing a white male figure standing in overalls on the platform. We wonder what he could be waiting for…

Bruce Castle

The ghost of Bruce Castle is a famous yet mysterious tale. History tells us that the famous historian Henry Hare bought and moved into the house sometime in the late 17th century along with his wife Constantia. Legend dictates that Henry had an affair thereby enraging his wife who locked him in one of the highest rooms in the house. She then threw herself out of the window with their child in her arms. On the anniversary of her death – it’s possible to see her haunting the grounds!

Hampton Court Palace

No surprise that another wife of Henry VIII forms part of a spooky tale, this time at Hampton Court Palace. Charged with adultery just like her predecessor Anne Boleyn, legend suggests that the young queen broke free from her guards. She then ran along what is now the haunted gallery in the hope of finding Henry to plead her innocence.

50 Berkeley Square

This house in Mayfair, also known as the ‘Most Haunted House in London’ has a series of skeletons in its closet (not literally don’t worry). The attic of this house (why is it always the attics?) is said to be haunted by a young woman who sadly committed suicide from the top floor window after facing abuse from her uncle. With two reported deaths after an overnight stay, her spirit is said to be capable of frightening people by taking the form of a brown mist. Mist-erious eh?

The Ten Bells

This Spitalfields pub can’t get away from its former glory (or former gory)! Once known as Jack the Ripper, two of his victims are linked to the pub, including Annie Chapman who may have drunk there shortly before she was murdered. It’s no wonder, therefore, that The Ten Bells is supposedly haunted by the ghost of the mutilated Annie Chapman. The pub also has a long recorded history of poltergeist activity. Fancy a drink anyone?

Let us know…

Have any more haunted spots in the capital to share with us? Let us know! If you’ve got a property that need’s looking after, get in touch with our team. We’ll handle everything from tenant find to managing your property, spooky or not.

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